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I am a trauma-informed and LGBTQ affirmative therapist, providing services to children, adolescents and adults. My goal as a therapist is to empower you as an individual, couple or family to continue to walk your life journey, writing pages of your storybook with optimistim, hope and self-confidence. I focus on the power of relationships within yourself and between other people. Relationships can be a catalyst for positive change, or a source of pain that keeps one stuck. I seek to enhance personal and self relationships to increase self-efficacy.

Therapy Approach
Individual Therapy
Couples & Family

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy addresses current problems by altering negative thinking and behaviors to more positive, reaffirming messages to increase self-awareness, self-confidence and self-regulation. 


Psychodynamic Therapy is an approach that focuses on increasing self-awareness by seeking more insight to the unconscious effects of past and present experiences. 

Solution-Focused Therapy is a therapuetic approach that is goal-oriented, but collaborative. The focus is to enhance client knowlege of personal strengths to increase self-empowerment in developing and implementing solutions to achieve personally developed goals. 


Expressive Art Therapy gladly requires no art experience or ability! This approach focuses on the emotional, physical and mental experience of the client while engaging in activities such as writing, dance, music, forms of art, crafting, etc. Sometimes words are just not enough!   

Individual Psychotherapy is sacred time we share together to explore your life journey. I seek to help you rewrite the pages in your book of life, and empower you to recognize and further develop personal strengths to find victories within your life. I seek to explore your challenges by developing a trusting and genuine therapuetic relationship. I will hold you accountable for your life's destiny, and help you develop and reach your future goals, in hopes of increasing your zeal for life and self-confidence. 


Areas that I specialize in are of the following:


  • Self-esteem and Self-identity

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Grief and loss

  • Relationship issues

  • Life transition and adjustment

  • Depression

  • Relationship, family and childhood struggles or discontentment

Couples Psychotherapy is a bonding experience to enhance the couple dynamic to increase communication, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction. 


Some reasons to seek couples therapy:


  • Poor communication

  • Relationship dissatisfaction

  • Adjustment or life changes

  • Infidelity or non-traditional relationship 

  • Unresolved conflict


Family Psychotherapy identifies and utilizes family strengths to increase overall family functioning and cohesion. This is a collaborative effort within the family unit to discuss areas of discontent, while validating and listening to each member.

Some reasons to seek family therapy are:


  • A dsyfunctional family dynamic or recent changes to family dynamic;

  • Parenting difficulties;

  • Poor communication and boundaries;

  • A specific problem that needs a solution; or

  • An event or situation that needs to be discussed.