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Fashion therapy

Fashion Background


I see fashion in colors, only to be mixed, matched and revitalized. Fashion is playful, artistic and continuously sculpted by personal character.  I have had years of experience within the fashion and retailing industry as a store manager and merchandiser; creative director and event planner for fashion shows, showcases and other events; brand ambassador and consultant; and personal shopper and stylist. Through these experiences and education in fashion merchandising and retailing, I have realized that beauty is an undefined essence of self-expression.


Fashion Therapy


Putting my two passions together, fashion and therapy, I birthed the idea of "Fashion Therapy". I love to use various art forms in therapy for self-expression, why not fashion?. As I took time observing my clients in both the therapy office and stores, I realized that an outfit is an amazing illustration of someone's personal journey and current self-voice. As I saw my clients learn ways to illustrate a more positive, empowered self-concept, such as styling differently, renovating current clothing items, or even realizing what clothes suit them, their feeling of self-confidence heightened. This self-confidence was the extra boost to feeling better, finding hope in life, and feeling invincible.  

Fashion Approach


As a fashion therapist, my goal is to help you define your own essence and find confidence in your "first impression". It is not about dressing the way you feel, it's about dressing the way you want to feel!  Utilizing existential therapy principles, I strive to help my clients accept their fears, and overcome them to develop life meaning, control over their lives, and increase their understanding of self. I seek to liberate my clients to discover a more authentic self-identity.



Style Psychotherapy ...............................  

includes a free 15min style phone consultation. Clients engage in ongoing 45min psychotherapy sessions to address your personal style, current wardrobe and future fashion and style goals. A style strategy will be developed to fit your personal needs. We will discuss your current barriers to self-expression, and explore ways to heighten your current strengths to develop a more authentic self-identity.   

Lookbook ...............................................  

includes a free 15min style phone consultation. You receive style guide to meet your personalized style goals, which is a collaborative therapeutic process done together within a 90min psychotherapy session. We will discuss your style goals and how to overcome self-doubt and insecurities. 

Personal Shopping ...............................  

includes a free 15min style phone consultation. Personal shopping is a shopping experience with the client at predetermined stores or e-retailers. Sessions are based on personal budget and individualized needs and goals. We will identify and develop style goals, and discuss the impact of negative thinking on self-esteem to develop an empowering shopping strategy. This service is a minimum of 2hrs. 

Closet Renovations ...............................  

includes free 15min style phone consultation. During a 90min psychotherapy session I will assess current wardrobe needs, purge items, and revitalize and style "keepers". We will explore your perception of self-image and social perception, to develop increased self-awareness and confidence.