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individual tHERAPY

Individual Psychotherapy is sacred time spent exploring your life journey, with empathy and focus on your past, present and future. Brittany's down to earth personality allows her clients to develop a trusting and genuine therapeutic relationship, which is necessary for growth and progress. Working collaborative with Brittany will help to empower you to recognize and use your personal strengths. With more confidence, insight and self-love, you will be your own vehicle of change!

Brittany loves working with adolescents! They are her passion! Her focus is to empower them to walk this journey of life with a goal ahead, and a destination that inspires them. I aim to strengthen them in their own abilities to improve their independence, decision making and self-identity. We dream, hope and desire together! After working with Brittany, teens feel more self-confident, self-aware and empowered. 


In addition to therapy and coaching services for youth, Brittany offers educational advocacy for identified academic concerns, facilitation of youth groups, events and workshops, and faith-based outreach. She provides school-based recommendations for individualized education plans, 504 plans and other interventions necessary for their academic success.      

Areas that she specializes in are of the following:


  • Self-esteem and Self-identity

  • Trauma

  • Grief and loss

  • Life transition and adjustment

  • Depression

  • Relationship, family and childhood issues

couples & fAMILY therapy

Couples Psychotherapy is a bonding experience to enhance the couple dynamic to increase communication, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction. 


Some reasons to seek couples therapy:


  • Poor communication

  • Relationship dissatisfaction

  • Adjustment or life changes

  • Infidelity

  • Unresolved conflict

  • Relationship dynamics for traditional and non-traditional

Pre-Marital Counseling is provided utilizing the PREPARE/ENRICH curriculum. Each couple can choose the Christian or non-religious track. Please read more about pre-marital counseling by clicking on Pre-Marital Counseling. By completing pre-marital counseling, each couple can get a discounted rate on their marriage license!


Family Psychotherapy identifies and utilizes family strengths to increase overall family functioning and cohesion. This is a collaborative effort within the family unit to discuss areas of discontent, while validating and listening to each member. This approach is also beneficial for improving support of youth. 

Some reasons to seek family therapy are:


  • A dsyfunctional family dynamic or recent family changes;

  • Parenting difficulties;

  • Poor communication and boundaries;

  • Improve support of children and adolescents;

  • A specific problem that needs a solution; or

  • An event or situation that needs to be discussed.