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December 6, 2018

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Emotion Chart

February 9, 2016

I find many parents struggle to understand their children's emotions, and children struggle in identifying their own emotion to even communicate it to someone else. The inability to communicate feelings is frustrating and self-defeating. The inability to have your feelings validated by those you seek acceptance and love from can create feelings of worthlessness and isolation. One of my favorite tools for families and individuals is to use an emotion chart to describe and identify a feeling experienced. The chart is helpful to increase emotional vocabulary, which is neccesary to communicate feelings to others. The chart also has emoji faces, which is helpful for children to identify the similiaries and differences with thier non-verbal expression of how they feel to identify the emotion. You can use this emotion chart when asking your children how they are feeling, or ensuring that you understand how they feel. Check in with them to show them that you care about how they feel, and that you are making genuine attempts to validate their feelings to understand them more as people. Please use this chart in your homes, but don't forget to explain what each emotion word means!  




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