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December 6, 2018

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Love Languages

February 14, 2016


These memes point to vary different love languages of couples. "Love Language" is term referring to how we recieve and give love, which was coined by Dr. Gary Chapman, relationship counselor and author. He has written many books referring the relationship dynamics based on love languages, which I encourage you and your partner to read to get further knowledge on the five love languages. I have found that the majority of our expectations of our partners are based on our love language, whether that is gift giving, quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, or acts of service. We unintentionally, selectively only seek out love and affection based on this inclination that we have, or affinity towards one language over another. This selectivism can lead to discrepency within relationshps making one partner feel unloved, dissatisfied or unappreciated. Feeling like that within a relationship can lead to conflict, feelings of love loss, and emotional/physical/mental distance. Don't assume you know your love language or your partner's. Having conversations about communicating love within a relationship can be very powerful, and helpful in developing more realistic expectations for your partner and yourself. In addition, taking some self-reflection on what behaviors or actions of your partner have meant the most to you can help you communicate your love language to them. Taking some time to figure out your love language is the first step to having a more intimate, satisfying and secure relationship! Click here to take a quick quiz to find out your love language! Keep your eyes on The Therapist Chair for more posts on Love Languages. 






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