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Junctures in Roads

March 4, 2016


So, my uncle was telling me about junctures in roads, and how your life journey still goes on regardless of having what you expected at a juncture. Thinking about that concept made me realize how much we crave to take baggage into the next crossing of our life journey. We almost grieve the thought of letting go of baggage that just weighs us down. How often do you have this internal struggle where you know you feel emotionally, physically and mentally pulled into an abyss, but you still have this glimmer of hope that for some reason, whatever that thing is, will serve purpose again, the purpose you want? Have you every imagined what would change if you no longer felt chained to that thing? If you no longer expected for that thing to do as you say, or as you wished? Imagine yourself at the next juncture in your life, and you have accepted that that thing is no longer chaining you, and you no longer have these expectations. What is life like then? Take time out today to scan your body for tension. Discover where you are feeling this tension, this entrapment, this captivity. Start there. 


Check out a 10 Minute Guided Body Scan Meditation from The Meditation Coach! See you next time in my Therapist Chair!


Keep your eyes open for a follow up post about discovering the meaning behind the tension!


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