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December 6, 2018

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Stages of Change

August 22, 2017

We don't give ourselves and others enough credit because we are so focused on complete change. I think we get excited when we see the optimism for change, or the idea of change, but become so disappointed when the momentum is unable to be sustained. I feel people can be so hard on themselves when they are unable to continue forward to reach their goals, or fulfill all of their great ideas or hopes for the future. Self-esteem and self-worth crumble with this type of disappointment. Failure sets in, as well as self-doubt. Giving credit at each stage of change is important to affirming and empowering self, and maintaining support and trust in self.



Change happens in stages, with relapse (or failure) ready to demolish our progress. In failure, reflect on the stages of change, and identify the circumstances of the relapse. Think about your needs. What needs were fulfilled and unfulfilled? What could have made you more successful?  What areas do you have control of? Now, set smaller goals that will address those answers. Allow these goals to progress to larger change. All you need is momentum to build your confidence, and try again! 


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