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Anger Management 101

December 4, 2016



Anger is a emotion that really depicts an intense feeling of frustration, annoyance, or displeasure. Very normal to experience anger, but when this emotion impedes on your ability to be great, or another's ability to be awesome, then anger becomes a problem.


To manage anger, you have to first increase your self-awareness to recognize your warning signs. You may not be aware of your triggers just yet, but being self-aware of your body's changes can impact the outcome. Some general warning signs are heavy breathing, sweating, feeling hot, clenching fists, pacing, crying, increase aggressive or irritability, withdrawal, headaches, increased tone of voice, racing thoughts or obsessing, shaking, or change in facials. Everyone is very different, thus will have different warning signs. Ask a friend or trusted person what they have noticed about you when angry. This can help!


The most important thing is to recognize the sign before the anger escalates to aggressive, hostile behavior. To calm down, start early and do NOT forget to breathe slowly and deeply. Do not wait until you are enraged! As you start seeing those physical, mental and emotional changes, make the choice to take a break. Use this break constructively by engaging in physical exercise such as walking, doing sit ups, running, going to the gym, doing jumping jacks, or even playing a sport. Other ways to use this time wisely maybe engaging in your favorite hobby, watching television or movie, playing a video game, reading, or taking a nap. Taking a timeout provides time for distraction, and enough time to decrease the adrenaline pumping in your body. This will help you think more clearly about consequences, your needs and how you really feel. Give yourself time before you communicate and express your displeasure. Being mindful of consequences is a necessity. Usually, your first response is not going to be the best response! 

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