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Vision Boards for the New Year!

December 23, 2016

One of my favorite things to are vision boards! I love collecting old magazines to help visualize my goals, and bring clarity to my thoughts and passions. Throughout the year, you do go through periods of transition, some years more than others. Vision boards allow you time to reflect on your thoughts and current circumstances to develop future goals and aspirations. Vision boards give creative time to allow the left and right brain to communicate without using words. Sometimes we have feelings and thoughts that cannot be articulated yet. Being creative enhances the ability to listen to ourselves and hear the beat of our passion. 


Each year should be a metamorphosis of your previous self. An opportunity to start afresh. Developing goals for the new year, along with a visible reminder can be motivating, inspiring and reassuring. Remember, if you don't have a vision, where are you going?


Simple steps to developing a vision board:

  1. Think about your current life, the pros and the cons. What have you experienced? What kind of person are you? 

  2. Make future goals based on what you would like to change, achieve, or maintain in different areas of your life. For example, career, hobbies, fitness, relationship, spirituality, financial, etc. 

  3. Decide what theme your vision board will have. Will your board be focused on one area of your life, or multiple? Will your board be comprised of goals for the next year or for the next six months?

  4. Compile inspirational, positive and affirming quotes and pictures that represent your goals and the journey to reaching those goals. 

  5. Decide the format to collage the illustrations i.e., bulletin board, poster, construction paper, Pinterest, etc. Collect all necessary items such as glue, tape, paper, scissors, markers, etc. 

  6. Give yourself time to use your creativity to piece everything together so the end product reflects your thoughts. Enjoy time by inviting friends to a vision board party, or do one with your mate. Make sure the setting gives you good energy!  

  7. Put your vision board to work! Place the board somewhere that you can see and remember your aspirations. Use the illustrations and quotes to be positive affirmations for you. Allow your board to pour hope, optimism and strength into you as you go on your journey of self-betterment. 


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