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Celebrating Friends

January 27, 2017



I feel like friends have the hardest time innately being happy for friends and their accomplishments. I don't necessarily think this has anything to do with wishing ill upon them, or not wanting to them to succeed. I honestly believe this is an unintentional subconscious thing based on the need to feel good about oneself. So, how do we celebrate our friends consciously and subconsciously?! Here we go...


(1) Be secure in your life journey. We arrive at different junctures in our lives at different times. So, we have to give ourselves credit for our own accomplishments first, and not minimize our strides forward. We have to be our own cheerleader to recognize and praise our achievements.


(2) Stop comparing yourself to others. The grass is not always greener on the other side; no one shows all their cards. You may envy what your eyes see, but know the eyes are so deceiving. We will never know another person's highs and lows. We only know what they choose for us to see. There is no perfect life situation. We can only the play the cards that we are dealt. There will always be someone in a better situation than you, but you can also bet there is someone in a worse one. Be content, and refocus on satisfying your life. 


(3) Focus on yourself. If you are looking at everyone else's life, how can you see what direction you are going in? Pay attention to your hopes, dreams and desires. Put your energy into making goals and reaching them. Stop idealizing others, giving them energy that you should be giving yourself. Use your energy to propel yourself forward.


(4) Be yourself. You have such great qualities, and some not so great. We all do. Accept your lovely combination, and remember that no one else is quite like you. Appreciate the differences that make us all loved and cared for by others. We can only be ourselves. Trying to be someone else, trying to emulate someone else, is disrespectful and dishonest to our true selves. We have to value ourselves enough to show the best version to others. 


(5) Show loving kindness, with willing hands and half smiles. Make a conscious decision to participate in life with acceptance of what is, not what was or what is not. Relax your face, and lift the corners of your lips up. No frowns allowed. Loosen your arms and shoulders and freely let your hands hang. Let your palms roll open, willing to accept the moment with sincerity. Remember this moment is not about you. Accept the moment without judgement or negativity, and offer a statement of love, kindness and well wishes.  

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